Memes in marketing. Brands are cashing in on cultural conversations with this powerful social medium.

Mar 29, 2021 | Marketing & Advertising

While big brands battle it out to see who has the biggest ad budget, crafty marketers are capitalizing on low-cost, highly relevant social commentary to make impressions. It’s no secret that customer acquisition costs, particularly targeted digital marketing expenses, can make up a significant share of a business’s advertising budget.

Memes, on the other hand, are free to produce and come with the added advantage of enhanced organic engagement. Properly timed, well written memes are not only culturally relevant, they’re fun and approachable. All of this adds up to digital content that welcomes engagement and has the potential to reach your target audience without the ad spend.

Meme marketing in action.

On March 26 of 2021 McDonald’s tweeted a meme featuring the Ever Given container ship which famously lodged itself in the Suez Canal for nearly six days. The content of the tweet was about demand for McDonald’s Snack Wraps; not about international trade. But, the social media marketing team at McDonald’s seized the headline grabbing moment to put it’s own products in a sliver of the spotlight generated from the newsworthy event.

Slim Jim took it a step further by engaging with meme-powered pages such as Literal Larry, Santa Decides and PornHub just to name a few. On March 22 of 2021 the meat stick maker’s fresh approach to social media marketing was revealed as a bracket style tournament where fans were asked to vote for their favorite Twitter profile in each bracket. It was cleverly coined The SNAPP, Sixty-Ninth Annual People’s Page Tournament.

In the end, Poorly Aged Stuff beat out Dogecoin Rise in the finals. But there were no losers in this tournament. Alliances were forged, communities grew and Slim Jim raked in some brand loyalty without dropping a dime on Google or Facebook ads.

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